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4 easy walks around Sofia

If you are wondering what to do during your free days in the city, then our advice is to get out in the nature a much as you can.  Here a few ideas for easy walks in and around  Sofia.

Golden bridges, Vitosha mountain.

There is a belief that the mountain you see from Sofia city center is an extinguished volcano. Whether that’s true, we don’t know but the stone formations, as known as “moreni” are pretty interesting and hint of an impressive past.

The name of the area golden bridges, comes from the belief that the river running under the stones actually has small particles of gold. You will find many small paths in this area leading to “Cherni Vrah”, “Momina Skala”, “Aleko” and “Boyana waterfall”.

The area impresses with hundred year-old oaks and super long spruce trees.

How to get there? The cheapest way to get there is by using public transportation. The only bus that goes to the area Golden Bridges (“Zlatni mostove”) is bus 63. To plan your trip, we advice you to use the website of sofiatraffic  and navigate your journey. It takes about 1,5 hours to get there.

Recommended time to go: all year round is a good time to visit. However, always take into account to dress with extra layers as weather in the mountain can be tricky.

Where to grab a bite: there are a few huts in the area. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to bring along some snacks to be on the safe side.

Kamen Del peak, Vitosha mountain

Another beautiful place, in close to proximity to Sofia is Kamen Del. Kamen means stone. It’s a part of the mountain, completely covered in stones and it offers picturesque views to Sofia. Starting point is 100 metres from Aleko Hut, there is a path that goes through the forest. It takes around 60min walking to the top, where you can contemplate the last rays of the sun. Take some extra layers because the mountain is cold once the sun goes down.

Recommended time to go: April-September.

How long it takes?
It takes around 4 hours in total, including the travel time.

Walk around Pancharevo lake

The lake Pancharevo is artificially created, situated some 12km away from Sofia. Back in the days, it was widely used for water sports training and competitions. The surrounding area offers opportunities for walks around the lake (a 10km long trail), hikes in the forest and visit to the local mineral bath. The hikes are rewarding and if you find the right path, you will end up at the top overlooking the whole lake ad the surrounding Vitosha mountain.

Best time to visit? This is an year round destination, offering the comfort of the forest whenever you need it.

How to get there? If you prefer public transportation, the lake is best reached with bus 1, from metro station Tsarigradsko Shose. Get off at stop  БАНЯТА ПАНЧАРЕВО (the Pancharevo bath). The  bus ride takes around 15 min.

The monastery St. Ivan Rilski in German village

The beautiful monastery is 15km away from Sofia in the Lozen mountain. Given that it’s one of the oldest monasteries around Sofia, it is very well maintained. In the yard, you will find 2 beautiful and tall redwood trees, planted back at the days if Maria Luisa and Ferdinand.

How to get there? Take the metro to metro station G.M. Dimitrov. Take bus number 5 and after an hour, get off at bus stop Firma Sisten. From there it’s 3,4 km walk to the monastery.


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