Morning Walk & Roman Mineral Bath


Do you want to challenge yourself with the ultimate local experience? A meditation walk experience, followed by a soak in a traditional nude local bath and a tasty Bulgarian breakfast. Join Asen for an experience to remember 🙂

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In a few words…

Challenge yourself and soak in a traditional nude mineral bath. Get away to Pancharevo, a village some 10km away from Sofia’s city center where we will do an easy all-levels hike to a place with a picturesque view of Vitosha mountain.

After the hike, we will descend to the local thermal bath to indulge in a traditional soak in pools of 37 degrees and 42 degrees straight from the source. A water high in calcium, magnesium and other valuable minerals (read more about it here). After nourishing the body, we will have a traditional Bulgarian breakfast on the grass and head back to Sofia FRESH and HAPPY.

** Keep in mind that the bath is NUDE with MEN AND WOMEN SEPARATED.

This is a 4 hours experience starting from 8:00am am till 12:00pm.
All levels are more than welcome. Caution should be taken if you can’t tolerate hot water.
Your host for this experience is Asen. Read more about your host here.
What is included?

entrance local bath

breakfast (banitsa is a pastry containing gluten, eggs and cheese)

all transport

What to bring along?

Please bring along flip flops, towel and soap.

Where is our meeting point?

We will meet near the National Palace of Culture (NDK), just on the other side of the road from Starbucks.
For exact location, click here.

The challenge
Leave your phone at home and take every step mindfully.

Please send us a request here at least 1 day in advance to inform you about availability.

Terms and Conditions

* Minimum size of group = 2.
* Balcanic: doesn't offer any refunds for guest cancellations.
* Book at least 12 hours in advance.
* Balcanic: reserves the right to cancel the event and refund participants if the weather doesn't allow the hike.



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