Magic Sunrise in Sofia


Experience a unique, tourists free adventure in near proximity to Sofia. Join Laura for a recharging short hike to Vitosha mountain in the early hours of the day and catch the first rays of the sun!

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In a few words…

They say that the early hours of the day are the best time for setting an intention.

While it’s still twilight, we will drive from Sofia’s city centre all the way up to Vitosha mountain. After 40 min drive, we will walk for about 25 min to a secret spot where we will wait in silence for the first rays of the sun. This time between twilight and sunrise is great for a silent meditation and setting an intention at the tree of wishes! The best view of Sofia’s sunrise is guaranteed. After a warm cup of tea, we will head back to the city center to start the day fresh, energized and inspired like never before.

This experience takes in total 3,5 hours from 5:30 am-9:00 am (times can vary depending on day, we will send you exact time upon signing up). PLEASE SIGN UP BEFORE 7pm THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. ANY SIGN UPS AFTER 7pm WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.
All levels are more than welcome.
Your host for this experience is Laura.
How much does it cost?

This experience is donation based, tips are welcome.
We will use taxis and split the cost (around 20 BGN, bring cash).

Please note
*** If you are a bigger group of more than 10 people, please make sure you contact us here at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an exclusive tour.
What to bring?

Bring some small snacks for along the way as well as extra layers, it can be chilly in the mountain.

Where is our meeting point?

We will meet near the National Palace of Culture (NDK), just on the other side of the road from Starbucks. For exact location click here.

The challenge
Sit for 10 min in silent meditation waiting for the sun to rise.

This experience will happen every Thursday as of May 1st till September 30th. Minimum participants = 3.

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