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Private Experiences

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  • Morning Walk & Roman Mineral Bath

    Do you want to challenge yourself for 2018? A meditation walk experience, followed by a soak in a traditional nude local bath and a tasty Bulgarian breakfast? Join Asen for an experience to remember :)
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  • Magic Sunrise in Sofia

    They say that the first moments of the day are perfect time to set your intention. According to an old tradition, we will wait in silence for the sunrise and feel the energizing power of the light.
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  • Mountain Biking in Sofia

    If you are a lover of the great outdoors, you will love this local way to explore the surroundings. Expect beautiful nature, good exercise and a visit to a local sweet shop.
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  • Sunset above Sofia, 1682 Mtr

    "Kiss the day goodbye" at a secret spot on Vitosha mountain, overlooking the city of Sofia.
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  • Sunset Sailing Experience

    Do you want to relax after a busy work day with a glass of champagne while feeling the wind and enjoying the sunset? This is possible just an hour drive from Sofia!
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